A dynamic, diversified investment company with a variety of key growth sectors that include; real estate, hospitality, education and capital. Al Ain Holding is headquartered in Abu Dhabi with diversified local and international investment portfolio. Al Ain Holding has a team of dedicated professionals and partnership with international consultants in finance, investments and legal matters who bring their knowledge and technical expertise to support the company and to assist in achieving its long-term objectives.


Al Ain Holding is named after Al Ain city (Arabic: The Water Spring). also known as the Garden City due to its greenery, which is the second largest city in the Emirate of Abu dhabi. Al Ain is the birthplace of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the visionary leader and founder of the United Arab Emirates. Al Ain Holding was founded in 1996. His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Ruler’s Representative in the Al Dhafra Region of Abu Dhabi, created Al Ain Holding with economic and social mandate.

Corporate Governance

We are committed to the best practice in corporate governance. We do our business with professionalism, transparency, integrity and high work ethics. The Board of Directors, assisted by the Executive Management and the Internal Audit & Risk Team, ensure that corporate governance is applied in all business processes, activities and operations.

Our Corporate Governance includes:
  • - Reliable, accurate and transparent reporting.
  • - Compliance with local and international laws, rules and regulations.
  • - Adherence to corporate policies and procedures.
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors operates under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Board Chairman. The Board is responsible for reviewing and approving the corporate business strategy. The Board applies appropriate controls and ensures that the corporate governance practices are fulfilled.

Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management reviews all investments and ensures a balance between risks and returns. It assesses internal controls, ensuring objectivity, independence and cost-effectiveness, and recommends appropriate improvements.

Group Internal Audit & Risk

Group Internal Audit & Risk assists Shareholders, Board of Directors and Executive Management in discharging their duties of overseeing and enhancing group operations. This is achieved through independent audits and consultations designed to evaluate and enhance the internal control system. Group Internal Audit & Risk reports to Board as well as Shareholders. Operations of Group Internal Audit are governed by “International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing” published by “The Institute of Internal Auditors”, USA.

Risk Management

We assess all risks associated with our business and investments and develop plans to prevent any losses and damages at the Group level including subsidiary and affiliate companies.

Internal Control Framework

Our system of internal control has a key role in ensuring that the Board and Management are able to achieve the Company’s business objectives, as well as safeguarding the Company’s assets

Code of Conduct

Our management and employees adhere to our Code of Conduct, which covers general business principles, compliance, privacy and confidentiality.

Employment Strategy

For those who wish to make a difference in today’s fast growing business world; we, at Al Ain Holding, have the aspiration to achieve world standards of business performance. It is our policy to attract candidates with high qualifications and experience, and we are committed to providing a healthy and challenging work environment which contributes to employees’ professional and personal growth. Our team is highly motivated and hard working. Every person who works at Al Ain Holding makes a difference in the company’s business.